Feb. 16th, 2012

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So given that this comm sort of burst into life in a flurry of...well mostly podfic actually...at the turn of the year, and I've since persuaded [personal profile] doyle to pass me the mantle of 'looking after the comm' duties. I thought I'd better get round to making a post asking if the membership had any particular requirements or desires from the comm?

Would you like to keep the comm purely fanworks, or would you like to post meta/character arc discussion posts?

Would monthly character love posts be good? Either general free for alls with different threads for different characters, or focusing on one companion a month in chronological/alphabetical/completely arbitrary order?

Perhaps a game of drabble tag or comment fic?

The subtitle of the comm is 'companions and allies' obviously this includes the one off companions from the specials along with recurring folks like the Brig and Benton from the UNIT days and Jackie Tyler and Jake Simmons from the New Series. But what about non recurring characters? Only those who had a vital role in saving the day? Or anyone so long as they were on our heroes' side?

Something else I haven't thought of?

Even if you have no opinion on the above questions, feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments and tell us who your favourite companion(s) is/are.


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